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Now you’re in New York
these streets will make you feel brand new big lights will inspire you
let's hear it for New York


When I flew to New York City for the first time, I was marked by the atmosphere and the prevailing opposites of this American city. The contrast in New York is huge - people from the glamor world swagger across an immaculately clean square while two blocks away the homeless suffer from their poverty. I wanted to adhere to the impressions that I collected in a stronger way than capturing them on celluloid.


I experiment with my knowledge of being a typographic designer and with the images taken during traveling. This is how picture montages emerge and gain new messages from the combination of various scenes and showplaces, like city images, static buildings or snap-shots in cafés. With my pictures I would like to record my own experiences and my subjective perception of the actual conditions and picturize them.


As I have enjoyed an enormous respond from my friends to my pieces of art, they suggested introducing my work to a broader audience. This is how my website came about. It is my aim to create a new statement by combining different photos.

Due to the fact that I changed my profession and learned new skills, I am capable of conveying a personal perspective of the way things are.


My education as a typographic designer for visual communication has allowed my hobby to become my profession.

On request I will gladly create a personal collage based upon pictures of your holidays, weddings etc...

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